Deeper in the Law of Attraction

Most of us in the “Western Spiritual World” are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Books and movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? have become commonplace in discussing how this energetic phenomenon works.

While these stories are inspirational, at a certain level (for me anyway) I felt I wanted to go deeper than they could realistically go for a movie for the masses (fair enough!)

As I continued my Ayahuasca (sacred plants) shamanic apprenticeship in the Amazon, I learned more during ceremonies about the mechanisms of energy systems and how they work – and for me, understanding it from a more “technical” standpoint was what really helped it to click, which helped me to release my skepticism and allow the whole thing to actually work.

So quick background – the Law of Attraction, in simple terms, means that like attracts like. Okay, great. But when you dig down to the deeper levels and application of it (and one can only go as far as their own psyche will allow – more on that later) it really is truly astounding, and one of the cornerstones of leading a successful life (whatever that may mean to you.)

What is Energy

We use the term “energy” often and loosely in spiritual discussion. Since I am not a scientist, it is unclear to me if the same energy I can feel very physically on my body if a person is emitting a certain emotion, for example, is the same energy that quantum physicists are studying (though it’s hard for me to imagine how it would not be).

But if quantum mechanics studies the micro – the tiniest level of energy (which they seem to think is a vibration), I imagine eventually at least, these things will be considered one and the same (look into String Theory if you haven’t already.) I will explain energy as I have come to understand it.

At core of every molecule is an energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. Some vibrate faster (high frequency), and some slower (low – meaning longer, slower wavelengths.)

On the light spectrum, red wavelengths are the slowest, longest-length waves, up to violet, which are quicker, higher frequency. I’m not saying that “energy” in the sense that I’m using it is necessarily the same or not, but looking at how light frequency works gives a good visual (at the very least, as an analogy).

Applied to Food

So I use this as a way to understand the energies I’m exploring here. Let’s take the energy of food. How do you feel after eating an orange in comparison with a hamburger? Of course, there are many other factors at play, such as quantity of food, quality of meat (addition of hormones/antibiotics), personal digestion, etc.

Some say that the nature of how the animal was raised, as well as how it was killed effects the energy of the food as well (which would explain why Kosher meats are, from what I understand, killed more ceremonially and humanely than standard factory farms.)

An orange was recently in the ground (pure energy, minus contaminants in the soil or from pesticides, etc) and is still “alive”. A hamburger grew into an animal, lived, then died, meaning the amount of time between its conception to your mouth is longer (add on freezing, etc.) I am not here on a “no-meat” kick. But it’s just something to mull over in understanding energy.

Feeling the Energy

Some people seem to be able to feel these energies more acutely than others. Some may even be able to see them (in the form of a color, or a symbol, etc – hence “readers.”) Personally, the area where I am the most attuned relates to emotional energies and communication, especially when something is blocking the normal flow that emits from the person.

Say you have a friend who emits a very “sparkly” energy most of the time (even people who don’t consider themselves highly attuned to energies can feel them, and easily become more attuned – walk into a place and most people can recognize a “bad vibe”).

If that friend is tired, in a crappy mood, very full, stressed, etc – their “sparkle” is generally diluted by a layer of gray, diminishing their sum-total energy that they are emitting at that moment.

Energetic Defenses

If they are normal and sparkly one moment, then the conversation hits a trigger, or touchy subject – generally a defense mechanism will automatically erect to protect the weak area. These tend to fall into the natural categories of “fight” (anger, “defensiveness”, etc) or “flight” (have to leave the room, quick change of subject, etc.)

Energies like stress, anger, etc feel very “prickly” on my skin (I’m not how they feel to others who feel them physically.) The point is, they affect the room, especially if it is funneled at me (if someone is yelling at me and I tune in, I’ll feel their anger strongly.

Luckily part of the skill is being able to turn the “tuner” up or down depending on the situation – this can be a challenge to some if they have this as a natural ability and are not aware of it.)

For me, the way I am able to “read” or “intuit” people (if we’re doing process work, etc) is to feel if there is a change from their normal flow when a certain subject is raised. I can often feel it very physically (depending on how “clear” I am – more oranges and less hamburgers helps to keep my energetic pallet more clear.

Clearing the Energy

Ayahuasca ceremonies clear the sludge to feel more acutely, as well as other lifestyle aspects.) I also have to be very careful, because if the energy that is stimulated in the other person is also a trigger in me, I can blind myself and project my own onto the person (so it’s definitely an art, and requires a lot of self-awareness to be responsible.)

Energy in Language

Keep an eye out for general verbiage used in everyday life denoting energy and mechanism. “Open or closed-minded”: energetic doors. “Good or bad vibes”: quite literally, fast or slow vibrations. “Getting over” something: transcending above the energy to a level above it, which happens naturally if you allow a “mourning” process to take place.

It’s fun to keep your eyes peeled for commonplace terms that reflect energy!

Energy and Law of Attraction

Okay, so how does understanding all these ins and outs explain the law of attraction? One time I was in out in the Amazon in an Ayahuasca ceremony.

The plants we work with there allow us to “lift the veil”, and receive spiritual teachings directly from the plant teacher spirits, at the same time purging us of our blocks and sludgy energy that gets in the way (there’s much more to it than that, but that’s the short version.) I saw a vision to symbolize how the Law of Attraction worked.

River of Abundance Energy

There was a “river” above me of what I could best describe as “Flowing Abundance Energy.” It was open, roaring, and freely flowing with quite a strength. There were tons of little handles to grab ahold of in order to flow with this river. All I had to do was reach up and grab on, and I’m along for the ride.

So why doesn’t everyone just grab ahold? My question to the Medicine.

Why haven’t you so far? Because you doubt that you can. You limit the possibilities of life within your own mind. You feel you don’t deserve it, some of which comes from a deep belief system generally referred to as “White Guilt” (or some kind of old, past-life-feeling guilt.)

Your ego fears if you are prosperous, especially at spiritually-focus endeavors, you will be judged as someone “exploiting” spirituality. But all those thoughts, belief systems, limits – they are all inside your own mind, your own ego blocking, defending these weak areas.

The more open the door is, the more the river can flow through you and take you along for the ride.

So how do you get that particular energetic frequency to you, and how does that translate to real life opportunities and prosperity? From here on out is where I believe these movies only do a half-assed job at an explanation. There are an infinite number of energy patterns and frequencies in the Universe (imagine tuning a dial to a radio – also waves).


How do you find it? That’s where setting intention comes in.

It’s basically just solid focus. Focusing on what you want emits your subconscious understanding of the same energy you are looking for – and, since like attracts like (like two drops of oil connecting naturally into one when they come in close contact), the similar energies quite naturally “find each other”, and anything with that energy embedded or attached to it comes with it.

Remember that all matter is made of energy at its core. At what frequency the sum-total of the entity vibrates at will determine what it attracts. This is how emitting an energy translates to attracting people, opportunities, etc in the physical world.

There’s a bit of a lag time (sometimes due to sluggishness in the mind, other times just due to waiting for all the Divine pieces of the puzzles to be ready, including other people.) The important thing is to make sure the receiving door is open, hold the intention, and wait for all the pieces/people/etc to fall into place.

Ego Work

One of the personal struggles I have had in regards to manifesting my dreams relates to doubt and arrogance. The doubt is in myself and the Universe (can this really work for me?

Even after all these years of the Divine guidance, experiences, and strong connection, there is still a weak spot on this one, mainly because it involves making money, which I also have a deep belief system block I’m still working through – more on that in a minute.)

And the arrogance comes in, since I’ve been at “spirituality” for so long, that the Law of Attraction is easy stuff, of course I know how it works (says my ego.) But again, knowing how it works and actually applying and integrating it are two different animals.

Belief System Work

Setting an intention to receive something that conflicts with an internal belief system will block, or slow its level of manifestation.There are some large-scale belief systems that block many, many people.

A belief system in the consciousness (concept of a “matrix” of energy surrounding a particular group, ranging in size from a small family to all of humanity) – these are generally culturally “hardened” beliefs that are adopted by many and passed on from generation to generation.

Karmic (Past Life) Release Work

I mentioned “white guilt” earlier – this is a deep, karmic wound in the collective psyche of many Caucasians with European descent.

While it is obvious what caused this, harboring guilt in honor of atrocities committed by ancestors really is not very efficient in allowing this wound to breathe so it can actually heal (in fact, it’s often in the way of progress in being good allies to friends of color – especially if it derails the focus off the task at hand and back to the guilt itself.)

This deep belief of “not deserving” blocks many from attracting the lives they desire.

Collective Consciousness Work

Another large-scale belief system that is common around money is about simply having it. There is such a push/pull in society around money. Everyone wants it, though often people who don’t have it make fun of those who do, judging and commenting, assuming they are selfish, “lavish” people who don’t care about the little guy (I’ve been guilty of this before.)

It’s taken me a long time to work through this one (and I’m not totally done). Add the “Western Spiritual World” component to it (profiting from anything considered “spiritual” is generally judged as exploitation) yet we have a whole culture of people having an internal conflict between following a spiritual call/dream and actually making a living doing it.

There is often not enough time in a day for both. This is another one that has been quite the challenge for me, since basically, in order to follow my inner spiritual desires, I have to be willing to be judged.

Once again, heart versus ego. This will shift in the consciousness as time moves on, but only the ones willing to release this old belief will likely live in alignment with their dreams.

There are many large-scale beliefs out there that show up in various ways (inability to lose weight, live healthily, find a loving relationship, etc.) Recognizing them as cultural and personal belief systems (versus just “the way it is”) is key to allowing them to “loosen up”, then eventually release.

It’s important to understand not only that the belief factor is imperative, but why it is so. There’s an energetic door there that can allow flow in or block it like a dam. So when a person sets an intention (for anything, but in this case, to tap into abundance and prosperity) the willingness to be open to the possibility, and to what extent, is the door.

Where on the Continuum

It’s like a continuum – on the left extreme, the door is closed, locked, and you’ve swallowed the key. At zero point, the door can easily be opened or closed, depending on choice. Other side, wide open door, allowing the energy to flow without question.

Most people are in the middle somewhere, and with more understanding and release of fear, the farther to the right of the spectrum a person can become (and when the door is open a crack, it moves, but it’s slower process in showing up physically.)

This is not blind faith (that actually doesn’t often work energetically, unless true belief is there.) But being open to the possibility keeps the door open, and the more this potential becomes a reality in the mind, the farther to the right side of the spectrum the door will open.

Tapping into the Energy

One of the most efficient ways for the energy to actually emit from the body is to “pull up” the energy you are trying to find. Emotions do this at a much stronger intensity level than thoughts.

Talking about how cool it would be to be on the beach in Hawaii only emits a fraction of the energy that closing your eyes, imagining the smell of the salt air, the sounds of the ocean waves, the colors of the tropical flowers and fruits echoed by the natural music of the ukelele – this process brings up a stronger picture, which evokes a stronger emotion of joy.

Overriding the Defaults

If the emotion provoked is resentment, or jealousy, or even an exasperated desire (as if it will never happen) THAT is the energy that is emitted, attracting the same experiences embedded with that energy right back to you.

The “just around the corner” syndrome – where the person can never quite get around the corner, is an example of what can happen if what is emitted is a sense of longing or desire.

One of the easiest way to “loosen up” a belief system so that it can release and return to its natural state of openness is through language. I am sign language interpreter, and fluent in Spanish as well as my native English. I get languages.

When I first embarked on the spiritual journey, I arrogantly wrote off mantras (short, repetitive focused statements) and affirmations (same concept, sometime a little longer) as bullshit.

I wrote off energy healing as a “too subtle” (translating to “too weak” in my arrogant little mind) at the time as well. I find it hilarious that now I get all this spiritual training on exactly why energies are at the center of everything, and that the way they move around (communication or language, verbal or non) is imperative.

Proper Framing

The whole notion of “thinking positive” can absolutely change a person’s experience of life – IF they actually believe what they are saying. If it is simply a mask to appear as if they are positive, meanwhile under the subconscious resentment is brewing, the sum-total is what emits, not just the words on the surface.

However, if a person has a general approach to life where, more or less, there are “opportunities for growth” rather than “shit happening to me”, these eyes cause a very different experience of life. Why? Because while they are both looking at the same situation, the emotions provoked emit nearly opposing energies, attracting different things.

Malleable Language

So one of the important tools to “loosening up” these hardened, complex belief systems is through languaging. Simple things – instead of saying “I can never lose weight”, try “weight loss had historically been a struggle for me.” Notice the “had”, instead of a “have.” Instead of “I’m still broke”, consider “I’m in process of working on my financial goals.”

Being “ in progress” allows you to be in the present, while the focus is still on “financial goals.” The focus, therefore the energy funnels to the subject, regardless if the description is positive or negative.

So by saying, “I don’t want to be lonely anymore” – what’s the subject? Loneliness. How does loneliness feel? For me it brings up feelings of hopelessness, sadness, etc (which emits out.)

If I were to say, “I’m ready to find someone who is a good match for me,” the subject is “someone who is a good match”, and I feel excitement, intrigue, etc – more positive emotions. “Can’t” is a door closer. “Never” keeps it closed.

Look for language that opens the door to life’s possibilities, even if you don’t believe it yet. At least you are “loosening up” the energies to make it easier on yourself. If you need help, commission a friend to call you out on negative languaging – you’d be surprised how often it shows up, and in what capacity.

Mantras and Affirmations

Mantras or affirmations can work only when they pull up passion, excitement, etc in the body. So when you are looking for something to inspire you everyday to write on a notecard and hang on the bathroom mirror, you’re looking for a word or phrase that “turns you on” (another energetic term!)

You should feel something “wake up” inside, something that sparks a little something and makes you feel good.

For me, words like “wild”, “freedom”, “passion”, etc will work. Play around with writing your goal down using words that are powerful for you. Then stick it on the bathroom mirror and read it every morning while brushing your teeth.

Remember, the point is to provoke the good-feeling emotions/energies and omit them as often as possible, so you’re sending a clear signal to attract them back. Eventually it won’t feel like so much work – you’ll integrate it into your energy field and attract it all the time.

We Forget

So if you know all this Meghan, you might ask, why are you still in process? Because I forget. Simple as that. Applying spiritual work in everyday life is often the challenge. There is not a strong “space” in the collective belief systems for this one. People don’t believe it, or may even turn their noses down at you for trying something new.

Egos get provoked, defenses go up. I was clearly manifesting, since all those ideas came, but what was happening is that I was stressing about the money. The doubt (can this really happen?) and the how were spinning too often in my head. My languaging around money needed some work, to say to the least, and I clearly needed a hand.

So, since I have a standing set intention to work with the Divine, I started to stumble and they helped me out. Last week, without thinking, I scrolled through the movies on our new Amazon Prime subscription, only to notice “The Secret” (which I’ve seen before.) But I knew I needed it to revitalize my energy.

So I watched it, remembered, and got the intuition to write it out clearly so I could remember how it all works (for me, and for anyone else who it may benefit as well.)

Since watching it last week, I’ve already had two new clients call me with money in hand, and while I was actually writing this article there was a sitcom with a girl making a vision board to create her dreams, while her roommate mocked until in the end, the vision board was a success. I’m attracting the energy with “Law of Attraction” embedded in it!

Manifesting What You Want

So in summary, in order to manifest what you want, you have to get a similar energy out there. Check for belief systems blocks, and consciously override, release, or “move them out of the way” if you can (this can require different amounts of time for different people, but they’re all from your own mind, which you’re in charge of, so consider some reprogramming.)

Intent and Language

Intend the goal, practice appropriate languaging to hold it out there, release the need to know how it’s going to happen, and make sure your doors are open to receive it when it comes.

Life is too short to fuck around with limitation. Most people reading this have some kind of an inner call to help people, as well as live a happy, healthy, abundant life. Those things are not meant to be separate, it’s only the mind that messes with the natural integrity of their interconnectedness.

One of my own personal mantras, “I got shit to do in this lifetime!” The longer we spend in the confines of our own self-created limitation, the longer those people just waiting for us to step into our purpose have to wait. There are a couple of foundations most people require order to successfully follow and realize our calling.

Clear, Strong Vehicles

We need to have healthy, strong vehicles (physical bodies) not only to be at a high enough frequency to receive more quickly, but also to be able to make it in the long haul. If every day we are tired, stressed, and too busy, when will we be able to manifest our calling? Our health foundation needs to be solid so we don’t get slowed down by physiological imbalances.

Love as Support

Having a loving, caring support system is pretty important for not only the sanity of most people, but also so they feel strong enough to get out there and take a risk in life.

When a person’s system is not supported (basically if they feel “pushed down” from the top rather than “pushed up” from below – feeling oppressed or belittled is a sign your system is not as supportive as you may like).

For me, working through my own fears of deep, vulnerable love allowed me to manifest a healthy relationship (how Law of Attraction works in mirroring aspects of relationships is a whole other article). Having solid relationship foundation allowed me to no longer be distracted by the search for a partner, as well as challenges me to be myself at new levels every day.

Not everyone desires a partnership, and for them, they would have a different experience. It’s all about what the deep, internal needs which vary from person to person.

Finding Truth and Balance

One thing that most of us can agree on – we live in a society that requires money – it is what it is.

Love it, hate it, judge it, or don’t. But until we stop fighting against money and those who have it, we will not be able to let go into proper alignment and harmony with it, and let our true potential selves, lifestyles and purposes emerge. Let us live happily in love and health, with enough wealth to share with others.

“Dirty money” is real – so it “clean money”. Money infused with the energy of people wanting to change the world with it – imagine what it could do if we released our collective belief. Let’s work together to liberate ourselves from the shackles of our limited eyes. Let’s fly free, and see how the world looks after that.


~ Meghan Shannon Elder @wildspiritualride


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