Reaching New Levels of Understanding

So it’s been awhile since I posted. I have been back from Peru for a couple of months now, getting ready to return and launch the Infinite Light program soon. New levels are coming, as well as the beginnings of transcending my teachers.

It’s funny, with Ayahuasca (and with life in general) half the learning is in the aftermath of the actual lesson.

For example, I completed Inner Visions over a year ago, and the more I work with the Aya, the more deeply I understand what I learned there. Now, after taking a break in the US from the plants, I understand more and more about this training program we call Life.

The thing about levels of understanding, is that you can’t see past the level you are currently at. You may not even know another level exists.

If you were to look at it linearly (which is not the case but as humans it’s easier to get) it’s like you can see to the endpoint of your current level, without any knowledge there are several more levels awaiting (how many times have you thought you beat a video game, just to find there is a whole secret world you now have to learn to master!) Same concept.


The More You Learn, the More You Realize You Don’t Know

Cliche, but true. For me, I hit a point sometime last year when I realized how little I actually knew. Once I passed the need to be a know-it-all (thank you Ego) and be “right”, I came to the place once in ceremony where I could see a glimpse straight up through all (well, several) of the levels – and knew there were an infinite number of them.

Everything I had been learning was foundational level (which is the first step!) but it’s not the end. You can choose to stop at any time along the journey, and probably lead a happy, fulfilling, serving, contented life. But I know now that the moment you plateau, and think you might be done, that’s a sign you are about to pass to a new level if you allow yourself to.

Clarity and integrity are the things that seem to keep me the most connected to the Universe. I get guidance, strength, and training in various ways. For me, I have been learning to listen to the guidance from within/without above all else, while still staying open to the guidance of others.

It seems like a contradiction, but really it’s not. It’s like working with the Laws of Attraction (the Secret, etc). You put your full focus and energy into something, assuming, expecting, and opening yourself to receive it – as if it is 100% for sure coming. You don’t think about this next part, but you know that if it then doesn’t come, there is some other reason that you can’t see that is in line with the greater good. Or you blocked it and some part of the above formula wasn’t there.

It’s a balance between connecting with these energies, and trusting the Universe. And not rationalizing. Subtle energetic differences can make or break it.


Transcending My Teachers

I have noticed a theme of (barely) transcending my teachers. Now don’t go on a tirade saying that’s my ego talking, or that I am not respecting them, etc etc. And I always leave room to be wrong, so maybe that is the case here. But with all the information I have at this moment, I am learning to utilize what they have taught me, then form it to my own path.

All human teachers are human. We all have various opinions, ideas, and paths. What’s “right” for some is not “right” for others. One of the hardest things I have had to learn to do, was to stand in my integrity, knowing it is right for my path, when people I respect may or may not agree.

But, they understand. It’s a process, and initiation, they all had to go through too. At some point, you must leave the nest. And of course new teachers will come, and past ones will support you (hopefully). But ultimately, being in clarity and in integrity (to the best of your ability) trumps all human forms and opinions.

No one can know what’s right for your path except for you. Luckily, my teachers taught me that (thanks Inner Visions!) The tricky part is making sure you are not simply rebelling or blocking with some other darker energy, rationalizing and fighting against what they are saying out of ego, resistance, etc. I have done that before. It is a MAJOR difference in energy, which you may or not be able to feel depending on the space you’re in. But learning the difference is also part of the training:)


Getting Footing on the Flow of the Spiritual Path

What I do know now is that I am at a new level. It’s maybe one level “up” from foundational (as each level has a ton of stuff in it) and I am grateful. The lessons get harder, but not relatively speaking. As I grow, train, and connect closer to the light, they up the stakes so I can train at the new level. I only get what I’m ready for and I can handle (but stretching and maxing me out at times!)

I love this Divine system and how it all works. And it works the same way whether you are working with Ayahuasca, an intense training program like Inner Visions, a religion, or just simply learning the lessons through life experiences. Once I understood my role, my passion, my duty as a soul on this earth at this time, everything fell into place. I am connected, supported, and taught. This is what I understand for now. Tomorrow I might understand it differently, but that is the nature of understanding.

Walk in integrity, and keep walking. Always be willing to be wrong. Know that we are human, and unless we are God/Universe, we cannot see the whole picture. Respect other beliefs, even if they “seem” contrary to your own.

We may all be right:)


~ Meghan Shannon Elder @wildspiritualride


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