There’s family you choose, and there’s family you’re assigned to (whether it’s spiritually or otherwise is debatable). Then there’s the family that flows.

Spiritual friendships (aka – friendships that have been clearly made manifest from powers beyond are own) are one of the greatest gifts to humanity, especially on this path. Recognizing their true value helps so much. Because this shit is hard enough.

I’m very lucky I have so many ride-or-die lifers. Even the ones that have stayed temporarily for a particular reason, then were flowed out were just as important during the time we were presently aligned. I know better than to confuse the lifespan of a relationship with its quality.

I even believe I have friends who have shown up in adversary roles at times, because that’s what was called for spiritually. I’ve seen some of these friendships grow, evolve, change, flow in, flow out, come full circle, and all sorts of riding of the tide in the middle.

I’ve seen ones I never thought would end do, as we no longer resonated as people.

I’ve seen ones I knew intuitively were right actually be, even in the face of everyone else’s suspicion.

I’ve seen ones that have taught me more about myself than I ever could’ve attempted on my own, and being that role for me can’t be easy.

I’ve seen ones that shift back and forth naturally as we support each other, being friends, helping process, sometimes be a vent or purge space, or just love each other up when we need a pep talk.

I’ve seen ones hit me out of nowhere, well up my heart with love, only to spend magical found time catching up for missed lifetimes.

I’ve seen ones that ended in body, but not in spirit. Though it’s really nice when you get to still hug. I think the physical hug is the part I miss the most.

I’ve seen my people grow with me, challenge me, love me, support me, set boundaries with me. Most of all, they SEE ME. There’s nothing more validating to our insecure human experience than being truly seen, and knowing it.

I don’t know how we’d do it without each other. We’re not designed to. Yes, legs of the journey we must walk alone, of course. But in general, the gift of spiritual friendship cannot be undervalued. Being able to hug my people while on this planet together is one of my favorite things about the human experience.

No, nothing has happened. Everyone in my world is still alive and well (as far as I know.) Some days I just wake up with extra gratitude for life via dreams of death. Though they’ve never been accurate (whenever I check on said person they’re fine), but it opens up my heart to a moment of gratitude for the people in my world, nearby or across oceans.

It’s good to stop and appreciate it.

I don’t care how busy we are. Call them.

Love our family that our spirits chose. Our partners in crime. Our favorite gems in the world.

Our spiritual friendships.


~ Meghan Shannon Elder @wildspiritualride


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