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Hey all! I hope everyone has fared well through these crazy times. Personally, it’s created a space of quite a bit of growth and prioritization of my values when I was forced to stop for a moment and take inventory of my life, and the result is this creation of letting my voice out into the world to a new level of raw authenticity, without any pressure to be anyone other than who I am, where I am.

I’m hard-pressed to find anything that we’ve had to heal as individuals that are not born from some type of society construct, old or new. The constructs are what tell us we’re not good enough, not straight enough, not white enough, not thin enough, not successful enough, not mothering enough, etc. Without these constructs, we would be free to live in peace and alignment to our true nature, our true spirits. Corona seems to have swept through and made some of these things much more visible. 

My intention for this channel? To directly challenge society constructs that keep us muted, limited, and filtered in our experience of being alive. Not settling for less than the freedom our souls long for. Bringing visibility to those constructs dilutes the strength of their structures with every person who gets out from under the illusion of what they are. We don’t have to do things just because generations before us have done it old ways. We can create a new experience on this Earth, right here, right now. 

So after many years of talking about it, I’m very proud to bring you my very own YouTube channel, chock-full of all my Meghanness and in-depth talks about the Universe, the Medicine, and life on Earth. 

And for fans of the team effort with Zach and Noelle, don’t worry! It’s still intact and you’ll still be hearing about it 😉

I’ve never been “out” this far as far as sharing my voice, but I’m ready. I also committed to being as authentic as possible, so be prepared for colorful language, smoking, and real-talk conversations, as if you’re chatting with a friend on FaceTime. 

I take my 250 ceremonies, five year Ayahuasca shamanic apprenticeship in the Amazon while co-running the Infinite Light center, two years intensive spiritual development training at Inner Visions under Iyanla Vanzant, life in the hippie jamband world, life as a bisexual divorced mama of a biracial child, life as an ASL interpreter and graduate from Gallaudet with my psych degree, and all the rest of this nearly 40 years of life experience and lay it all out there in a way that I know will resonate with the people it needs to. 

We have enough spiritual gurus and shamans. I’m just being a human.

So anyway here it is! If you feel aligned, please take a look at my first series, “Deep into my Personal Spiritual Process and Systematic Racism.” Or just subscribe to keep me around for later;)

All videos are fully captioned! All meant to be shareable and interactive in the comments, so come visit me in there and give me your take on some of these topics!

This is the team effort of doing our work together ya’ll. Love you all so much and thank for being there always, even if it’s from afar and virtual. 

Big love friends!


Short version of who I am, my background living in the Amazon during a five year shamanic apprenticeship, two year intensive spiritual development training under Iyanla Vanzant, marriage/divorce, becoming a mama, coming out into my bisexuality, being an ASL interpreter, and the development of our very unique spiritual “team”…